Progress is never a straight line.

Progress is never a straight line. There are dips, valleys, setbacks and detours, but none of that negated forward motion.

I grew up expecting to see a Black man as president of this country during my lifetime. Shout out to Jesse Jackson making a mark in the 1980’s. But who expected a man born in Hawaii to a Kenyan man and Kansas woman, who parented children on three continents and therefore straddled multiple culture’s as an extended family?

Millions of us had a vision of the first female president being a white woman – I was Team Hilary for many years, from her first senatorial campaign to her early debates with Barack Obama. But who even dreamed of  a first generation Jamaican-South Asian aka Black Woman as our Vice President? Despite four years of set-back and demoralizing revelations of those we inhabit this country with, the nature of the world is always forward motion. Hate can’t stop that. Oppression has a time limit. No matter how many may love the dark, those clinging to the light will always prevail. Such is the primary law of the Universe.

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