Poem: Eliza Harris by Frances Harper

BY FRANCES ELLEN WATKINS HARPER Like a fawn from the arrow, startled and wild,A woman swept by us, bearing a child;In her eye was the night of a settled despair,And her brow was o’ershaded with anguish and care. She was nearing the river—in reaching the brink,She heeded no danger, she paused not to think!For she is […]

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I AM WOMAN: A Timeline

I think it’s a necessary part of the continuing story I’m trying to show and tell about our roots and our trajectories. Our struggles and our joys. The way we make do and make better no matter our starting points. We, Black Women, are magnificent in all our statuses, throughout any affliction or oppression, we not only continue to rise, we shine, we illuminate our surroundings and provide routes of escape for others to follow.

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Trolling Trump

This morning, I made the mistake of visiting Trump’s Twitter feed to see what today’s tantrum was about. I try very hard not to post any hateful words on his feed. I try even harder to stay away from his feed altogether.

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